Macspred Velmac® G

Macspred Velmac<sup>®</sup> G

Macspred Velmac® G

For the control of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds in Pinus Radiata plantations and industrial areas.
Macspred Velmac G is a granular herbicide that does not need to be mixed in water.Velmac G can be applied either pre or post planting in Pinus Radiata. For best results apply before weeds become established. Velmac G application reduces the potential for off target damage due to spray drift which may occur with liquid products. Velmac G application offers a far wider application window than liquids. Velmac G application offers season long weed control.

Weeds this product treats

Annual or wimmera ryegrass Australian bluebell - w. stricta Blady grass Bracken Brome grass Brown stringybark Bushy starwort or wild aster Canadian fleabane Capeweed Cat's ear or flatweed Chickweed Clover Cobbler's pegs Couch grass Dandelion - taraxacum officinale Dock Dogwood,common cassinia or dollybush Giant or black pigweed Green amaranth Hop goodenia Kangaroo grass Medic Messmate stringybark Mexican or prickly poppy Mimosa pigra Narrowleaf peppermint Nutgrass Paspalum Plantain Purple top Queensland bluegrass Red natal grass Rhodes grass Ribwort, ribgrass or lamb's tongue Ryegrass Serrated tussock Silver wattle Snow grass Sorrel Summer or crab grass Sunshine acacia Tarvine Varnish acacia or wattle Veined verbena Volunteer lupin Wallaby grass Wild or black oat Yorkshire fog grass

Active ingredients

Hexazinone - 200g/kg

Pack sizes

20kg 500kg 1000kg