Macspred TrimacTM GR

Macspred Trimac<sup>TM</sup> GR

Macspred TrimacTM GR

Granular Herbicide
The unique granular formulation of Trimacâ„¢ GR is applied as a dry application to the soil.
Trimacâ„¢ GR contains two herbicides, Terbacil and Sulfomeuron Methyl, that form a barrier in the soil that will control a large range of both annual and perennial weeds as they germinate.
Trimacâ„¢ GR reduces the need for continual applications of glyphosate after each germination saving labour and time.
Trimacâ„¢ GR can be used in Commercial and Industrial areas, including around building lines, rights of way, rail track, roadsides, guideposts, powerlines, substations, aerodromes, public utilities and fence lines

Also For the control of certain annual and perennial weeds in certain situations and E. globulus, E. regnans and E. nitens plantations as per the directions for use table.

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Active ingredients

Terbacil - 44g/kg
Sulfometuron Methyl - 2g/kg

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