Macspred Picloram

Macspred Picloram

Macspred Picloram

A wide range of annual, perennial, noxious and woody weeds as per the Directions for Use

Weeds this product treats

African boxthorn Amaranth or amaranthus Amsinckia,yellow burrweed or burr grass Artichoke thistle Bathurst burr Bellvine Bindweed Bitou bush or boneseed Black bindweed Black knapweed Blackberry - rubus spp. Bladder ketmia Californian thistle Caltrop or yellow vine - seedling Camphor laurel Chinese scrub Cobbler's pegs Creeping/russian knapweed,hardhead Crofton weed Cutleaf mignonette Dock Eucalyptus Fat hen Furze or gorse Giant or black pigweed Groundsel bush Hawthorn Hoary cress or whiteweed Horehound Inkweed Japanese sunflower Khaki weed Lantana - lantana camara Limebush Lucerne Melilotus or hexham scent Mexican poppy Mintweed Mistflower or creeping crofton weed Morning glory - ipomoea spp. Mother-of-millions Mustard New zealand spinach Noogoora burr Parkinsonia Parthenium weed Paterson's curse Potato Ragwort Redroot or redroot amaranth Saffron thistle Silverleaf nightshade Skeleton weed Smartweed Spiny emex St john's wort Star thistle Sweet briar or wild rose Thornapple Tree-of-heaven Turnip weed Variegated thistle Wild radish Wild tobacco tree Wireweed, knotweed or hogweed Angophora Annual Ground Cherry Alkali Sida Apple-of-Sodom Australian Blackthorn Banksia Blackberry in assoc with other weed Bladder Campion Blue Heliotrope or Blue top Borreria Brooms Burr Ragweed Camelthorn Cape Honey Flower Casuarina or Sheoak Chilean Cestrum Chinee Apple Cocspur Thorn Colocynth Common Heliotrope Common Prickly Pear Common Senstive Plant Dog Rose Eastern Cotton Bush Galenia Giant Bramble Golden Thistle Lantana - Lantana Montevidensis Lion Tail Manuka Mayne's Pest Mesquite Onion Weed Ox-eye Daisy Paddys Lucerne Pampas lily-of-the-valley Prairie Ground Cherry Quena Ribber vine - not infected with rust Sesbania pea - sesbania Cannabina Siam weed Sickle pod Sowthistles Smooth tree pear Spiny broom Stinking Roger Sunflower Tangled Hypercium Tobacco Weed Tufted honey flower Tutsan Wandering Jew Wattle Wild garlic Wild rosemary Zamia palm

Active ingredients

Picloram present as the Potassium Salt - 240g/L

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