Macspred Payload

Macspred Payload

Macspred Payload

For enhanced knockdown and residual control of various grass and broadleaved weeds in non-crop areas.

Weeds this product treats

Amaranth or amaranthus Blackberry nightshade Bladder ketmia Blue billygoat weed Caltrop or yellow vine Capeweed Common sida Crowsfoot grass Fat hen Feathertop rhodes grass Giant or black pigweed Pigweed spp. Ribwort, ribgrass or lamb's tongue Sow or milk thistle Summer grass Turnip weed Wild mustard Wild radish Wild turnip - brassica tournefortii Wireweed ANNUAL RYEGRASS Balsam pear Awnless barnyard grass Calopo Creeping Speedwell Dense Crassula Fleabane - conyza bonariensis Green summer grass - B. subquadripara Ipomoea spp. Marsh or smallflower mallow Milkweed Perennial ryegrass Phyllanthus Redflower mallow Spiny spider flower Square weed or borreria Squirrel-tail fescue or silver grass Stinging or dwarf nettle Toad rush

Active ingredients

Flumioxazin - 750g/kg

Pack sizes

930g (10x93g water soluble packs) 3.72kgs (8x465g water soluble packs)