Macspred MetmacTM 600 WG

Macspred Metmac<sup>TM</sup> 600 WG

Macspred MetmacTM 600 WG

Water Dispersible Herbicide
For the control of "hard to kill" brush & woody weed species in forests and commercial areas.
Macspred Metmac alone or in a mixture with Macspred Glymac Dri 700 Glyphosate, provides control of brush, broadleaf and hard to control woody weeds, including Lantana, Gorse, Bracken, Tree-of-Heaven, St John's Wort and Blackberry. Metmac also controls nuisance forestry weeds, including Erodium, Sorrel, Onion grass and Paterson's Curse.

Weeds this product treats

African turnip weed Alligator weed Amsinckia,yellow burrweed or burr grass Annual clovers Australian or native blackthorn Ball mustard Bellyache bush Bitou bush or boneseed Black bindweed Blackberry - rubus spp. Blakely's red gum or gum Bracken Bridal creeper Broadleaf dock Calomba daisy Cape tulip Capeweed Charlock Chickweed Chicory Crofton weed Cutleaf mignonette Darling pea Deadnettle Denseflower fumitory Dock Dwarf amaranth or boggabri weed Erodium, crowfoot or storksbill Fennel Furze or gorse Golden dodder Great mullein Hare's-ear or treacle mustard Harrisia cactus Hawthorn Indian hedge mustard Inkweed Japanese sunflower Kangaroo thorn Lantana - lantana camara Lincoln weed, sand rocket or mustard Mallee catchfly Medic Messmate stringybark Mimosa pigra Mistflower or creeping crofton weed Narrowleaf peppermint New zealand spinach Noogoora burr Onion or guildford grass Parthenium weed Paterson's curse Perennial pigweed Prickly lettuce Privet Ragwort Rough poppy Roughbark apple Rubber vine Saffron thistle Saltbush or annual saltbush Sheep, shore or winged slender thistle Shepherd's purse Skeleton weed - suppression Slender celery Slender, shore or sheep thistle Smallflower fumitory Smartweed Sorrel Soursob or oxalis Sow or milk thistle St john's wort Stagger weed Subterranean clover Sweet briar or wild rose Three cornered jack or doublegee Tree-of-heaven Turnip weed Variegated thistle Volunteer chickpea Volunteer faba bean Volunteer field pea Volunteer sunflower Wait-a-while White lupin Wild radish or radish weed Wild turnip Wild turnip - brassica tournefortii Wild, crow or field garlic Wireweed, knotweed or hogweed Yellow box

Active ingredients

Metsulfuron-Methyl - 600g/kg

Pack sizes

1kg 200g