Macspred HexmacTM 750SG

Macspred Hexmac<sup>TM</sup> 750SG

Macspred HexmacTM 750SG

For the control of certain annual and perennial weeds in Pinus Radiata and industrial weed situations.
Macspred Hexmac 750 can be applied either pre or post planting in Pinus Radiata. Hexmac 750 provides rapid & effective knockdown of established weeds in Pinus Radiata plantations.

Weeds this product treats

Annual ryegrass Artichoke thistle Asthma plant Barnyard grass or water grass Blackberry nightshade Bracken Brome grass Capeweed Cat's ear or flatweed Chickweed Chicory Clover Common sida Couch grass Creeping buttercup Dandelion - hypochaeris glabra Dock Dogwood,common cassinia or dollybush Fleabane Great, ripgut or kingston brome Green amaranth Hop goodenia Kangaroo grass - suppression Kikuyu grass Lovegrass Medic Nutgrass Parthenium weed Paspalum spp. Paterson's curse Plantain Rhodes grass Ribwort, ribgrass or lamb's tongue Ryegrass Serrated tussock Silver wattle Snow grass Soft brome - bromus hordeaceus Sorrel Sow or milk thistle Spiny rush Summer grass Sunshine acacia Varnish acacia or wattle Wallaby grass Wild oat Yorkshire fog grass

Active ingredients

Hexazinone - 750g/kg

Pack sizes