Macspred GlymacTM 450

Macspred Glymac<sup>TM</sup> 450

Macspred GlymacTM 450

For the control of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds in agricultural situations.

Weeds this product treats

Amaranth or amaranthus Amsinckia Annual grass weed Annual or wimmera ryegrass Annual phalaris Annual weeds Artichoke thistle Australian bluebell - w. stricta Barley grass Barnyard or water grass Bent grass - agrostis spp. Blady grass Brome grass Browntop bent Burr medic Californian thistle Caltrop or yellow vine Canary grasses Capeweed Carpet grass Cat's ear or flatweed Chickweed Cobbler's pegs Cocksfoot Common fumitory Common reed or phragmites Couch grass Cudweed Cumbungi Deadnettle Dock - seedling English couch or rope twitch Glyceria or reed sweet grass Ground or annual ground cherry Guinea grass Hedge or wild mustard Hoary cress or whiteweed Johnson grass Kangaroo grass Kikuyu grass Lesser swinecress or bittercress Liverseed or urochloa grass Lovegrass Mexican or prickly poppy Mintweed New zealand spinach Noogoora burr Nutgrass Para grass Paradoxa grass Paspalum Paterson's curse Perennial pigweed Perennial weed Phalaris Plantain Potato or yellow weed Prairie or annual prairie grass Queensland bluegrass Red-leg grass Rhodes grass Rush Saffron thistle Scotch thistle Silvergrass - vulpia spp. Silverleaf nightshade Skeleton weed Sorrel Soursob or oxalis Sow or milk thistle Spear or black thistle Spiny burrgrass or gentle annie Spurge St john's wort Subterranean clover Sugar cane - ratoon control (see label) Tall sedge Thornapple Three cornered jack or doublegee Turnip weed Tussock grass Variegated thistle Volunteer cereal Volunteer lupin Volunteer sorghum Volunteer sunflower Water couch Wild lettuce Wild oat Wild radish or radish weed Wild turnip - brassica tournefortii Winter grass Yorkshire fog grass

Active ingredients

Glyphosate (present as isopropylamine salt) - 450g/L

Pack sizes

20L 1000L