Macspred GlymacTM 360

Macspred Glymac<sup>TM</sup> 360

Macspred GlymacTM 360

A non-residual herbicide for the control of a broad range of Annual and Perennial weeds.

Weeds this product treats

African boxthorn African lovegrass Alligator weed Amaranth or amaranthus Annual or wimmera ryegrass Artichoke thistle Bamboo Barley grass Barnyard or water grass Bathurst burr Bent grass - agrostis spp. Bitou bush or boneseed Black knapweed Blackberry Blady grass Bracken Brome grass Brown beetle grass - diplachne spp. Brown beetle or silver top grass Bullich Californian thistle Caltrop or yellow vine Camphor laurel Canary grass Canary grasses Capeweed Carpet grass Cat's ear or flatweed Chickweed Chinese scrub Cobbler's pegs Cocksfoot Common fumitory Common reed or phragmites Couch grass Crofton weed Cumbungi Deadnettle English broom English couch or rope twitch Eucalyptus Flooded gum Furze or gorse Ghost gum Glyceria or reed sweet grass Ground or annual ground cherry Groundsel bush Guinea grass Gum topped bloodwood Hawthorn Hedge or wild mustard Hoary cress or whiteweed Jarrah Johnson grass Kangaroo grass Kikuyu grass Lantana - lantana camara Lesser swinecress or bittercress Liverseed or urochloa grass Longleaf box Ludwigia peruviana Marri Messmate stringybark Mintweed Mistflower or creeping crofton weed Narrowleaf ironbark Narrowleaf peppermint Noogoora burr Nutgrass Pampas grass Para grass Paradoxa grass Parramatta grass Paspalum Paterson's curse Pellitory Perennial pigweed Phalaris Pink bloodwood Plantain Poplar box Potato or yellow weed Prairie or annual prairie grass Privet Queensland bluegrass Redleg grass or redgrass Rhodes grass Rhus Rush Saffron thistle Serrated tussock Serrated tussock - prevention Serrated tussock - suppression Silver grass or rat's-tail fescue Silverleaf ironbark Silverleaf nightshade Silvertop ironbark Sorrel Soursob or oxalis Sow or milk thistle Spear or black thistle Spiny burrgrass or gentle annie Spotted gum Spurge St john's wort Subterranean clover Sugar cane - ratoon control (see label) Swamp box Swamp mahogany Sweet briar or wild rose Thornapple Three cornered jack or doublegee Tussock sedge Variegated thistle Volunteer barley Volunteer oat Volunteer sorghum Volunteer wheat Wall fumitory Water couch Water hyacinth Water lettuce Water primrose Waterlily Waterlily, yellow Weeping willow White mahogany Wild or black oat Wild or mediterranean turnip Willow Winter annual weeds Winter grass Yorkshire fog grass

Active ingredients

Glyphosate (present as isopropylamine salt) - 360g/L

Pack sizes

20L 1000L 5L 1L