Macspred Forest Mix®

Macspred Forest Mix<sup>®</sup>

Macspred Forest Mix®

Water Dispersible Herbicide
For the control of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds in Pinus Radiata plantations. In premeasured water soluble packs.
Macspred Forest Mix WDH (water dispersible herbicide) combination provides a broad spectrum weed control option for grasses & broadleaf weed species. Forest Mix WDH is supplied in premeasured 1.8kg water soluble bags - 4 per treated hectare.

Weeds this product treats

Annual thistle Brome grass Capeweed Cat's ear or flatweed - seedling Clover Dandelion - taraxacum officinale Kangaroo grass Ryegrass Serrated tussock Sorrel Wallaby grass

Active ingredients

Atrazine - 620g/kg
Hexazinone - 210g/kg

Pack sizes

7.2 kg (4x1.8kg)