Macspred Enviromac® G

Macspred Enviromac<sup>®</sup> G

Macspred Enviromac® G

Granular Herbicide
For the control of a certain annual and perennial weeds in industrial weed control situations.
Macspred Enviromac® G is a granular herbicide that does not need to be mixed in water.
Enviromac® G is a residual herbicide & provides a broad spectrum weed control option for grasses & broadleaf weed species in commercial & industrial areas, rights of way & around agricultural buildings.

Weeds this product treats

African lovegrass Annual or wimmera ryegrass Barnyard or water grass Blue billygoat weed Capeweed Columbus grass Couch grass Dandelion - taraxacum officinale Dock Elastic grass Guinea grass Johnson grass Kikuyu grass Long storksbill, corkscrew Paspalum Paterson's curse Phalaris Prairie or annual prairie grass Silver grass or rat's-tail fescue Spear or black thistle Squirrel-tail fescue or silver grass Subterranean clover Summer or crab grass Turnip weed White clover Wild or black oat Winter grass

Active ingredients

Sulfometuron Methyl - 20g/kg

Pack sizes

1kg 20kg