Macspred Dismiss TM Ornamental Herbicide

Macspred Dismiss <sup>TM</sup> Ornamental Herbicide

Macspred Dismiss TM Ornamental Herbicide

Ornamental Herbicide
Dismiss up-to 3 months weed control

Dismiss ornamental herbicide is a safe, cost effective pre emergent granular herbicide which combines two tried and proven active ingredients in the one granule. This combination offers broad spectrum weed control of both broadleaf and grass weeds to a standard expected by the nursery and landscaping industry.

Dismiss ornamental herbicide provides up to 3 months weed control of over 40 different weed species in potted and open grown ornamentals.

Dismiss ornamental herbicide is packaged in convenient to use 10 kg and 20 kg pails and a handy screw top 1 kg container

Tested in Australian conditions
Made in Australia

Active ingredients

Oxyfluorfen - 20g/kg
Oryzalin - 10g/kg

Pack sizes

1kg 10kg 20kg