Generex Hexazinone

Generex Hexazinone

A herbicide for the control of certain broadleaf weeds, perennial and annual grasses, woody weeds in Pinus radiata plantations, pasture situations and commercial and industrial areas and rights of way.

Weeds this product treats

African boxthorn African lovegrass Annual or wimmera ryegrass Artichoke thistle Barnyard grass or water grass Bitter bark or quinine tree Blackberry - rubus spp. Bracken Brigalow Broadleaf dock Broadleaf teatree Brome grass Budda or false sandalwood Cat's ear or flatweed Cat's ears or flatweeds Chicory Clover Coolibah Couch grass Dandelion - hypochaeris glabra Dawson gum Dogwood,common cassinia or dollybush Grey box Gum topped bloodwood Gum topped or grey box Hop goodenia Kangaroo grass Kikuyu grass Limebush Medic Moreton bay ash Nutgrass Parkinsonia Paspalum Paterson's curse Poplar box Red ironbark Red stringybark Rhodes grass Rubber vine Serrated tussock Silver wattle Silverleaf ironbark Sorrel Sow or milk thistle Spiny rush Sunshine acacia Sweet briar or wild rose Tree-of-heaven Varnish acacia or wattle Wallaby grass Whitewood Wild oat Yellow wood Yorkshire fog grass

Active ingredients

Hexazinone - 250g/L

Pack sizes