Generex Clethodim

Generex Clethodim

For the control of certain grass weeds in beetroot, cabbage, canola, celery, chickpeas, cotton, faba beans, field peas, forestry, lentils, lettuce, lupins, mung beans, non-bearing fruit trees, onions, ornamentals, peanuts, potatoes and soybeans

Weeds this product treats

Annual phalaris Annual ryegrass Barley grass Barnyard grass Blown grass Brome grass Crowsfoot grass Feathertop Feathertop rhodes grass Johnson grass - seedling Liverseed Paradoxa grass Red sprangletop grass Silver grass (v.bromoides) - suppression Summer grass Urochloa grass Volunteer barley Volunteer oat Volunteer sorghum Volunteer wheat Water grass Wild oat Winter grass

Active ingredients

Solvent (Liquid Hydrocarbons) - 606g/L
Clethodim - 240g/L

Pack sizes