Macspred Trimac TM Plus

Macspred Trimac <sup>TM</sup> Plus

Macspred Trimac TM Plus


For the control of various annual and perennial weeds in certain non-cropping situations including aerodromes, around guide posts and buildings, public utilities, rail and roads, rights of way, substations and power lines, as per the directions for use table

Weeds this product treats

Annual ryegrass Cat's ear or flatweed Fleabane Geranium Skeleton weed Sow or milk thistle Volunteer legume White clover Yorkshire fog grass

Active ingredients

Terbacil - 400g/kg
Sulfometuron Methyl - 18g/kg
Clopyralid - 341g/kg

Pack sizes

1.1kgs (10x110g water soluble packs) 5.5kgs (5 x 1.1kg water soluble packs)