Macspred Simazine 900 DF



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For the control of weeds in a range of horticultural and broad acre crops, forestry and in non-crop situations. Full forestry label.


For use in Eucalyptus & Pinus plantations. Field trials and use experience has indicated that the following species are tolerant. (Test tolerance before treating other species). Araucaria – all commercial species, Corymbia – maculata. Eucalyptus – agglomerata, calophylla, camaldulensis, cladocalyx, cloeziana. dunnii, globulus, grandis, laevopinea, nitens, pilularis, pseudoglobulus, regnans, rudis, saligna, wandoo. Pinus – caribaea and hybrids, elliottii, pinaster, radiata.


Pack Size:

15 kg (3 x 5kg)



900g/kg Simazine


Developed in conjunction with


A non-volatile, easy to handle, measure and mix, water soluble product...

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SHARK Aquatic Herbicide

For the control of Cabomba caroliniana in non-flowing water bodies.

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