About Macspred

Macspred has been manufacturing and distributing specialist herbicides for use in non agricultural areas since 1985. Macspred introduced granular herbicides firstly to the industrial markets such as Shires, Councils and rail, then to the State owned and private forestry companies across Australia.


Macspred now offers a wide range of quality 'specialist' forestry, industrial & crop protection herbicide products.??Macspred has a national team of herbicide specialists who offer local know how and support that assists in delivering best practice results, often with Macspred branded specialty products designed & registered to meet customer needs.

Macspred has the solutions for you through our own specialist Forestry, Industrial and Agricultural Range of products and delivery systems.

Macspred Australia can offer your organisation :-

  • Specialist pest and weed control products and services for use in forestry and selective urban, rural and agricultural markets
  • Can develop specialty products and or delivery systems from the original concept through Development, Registration, Marketing and Sales.
  • Contract formulation and packing to meet specific industry or niche customer needs
  • Through strategic partnerships, can competitively source a large range of third party pesticides and assist with repacking and labelling to meet specific customer requirements



Each year Macspred Australia supplies more than 400 tonnes of products into both domestic and overseas markets. Through strategic partnerships, Macspred wholesale products into the Agricultural and Horticultural Markets and have been manufacturing and distributing our products for use in Industrial markets such as Shires, Councils and rail for over two decades.

Macspred has long established distribution conduits into both State owned and private Forestry companies across Australia and New Zealand.

Macspred Australia’s has specialist expertise which is recognised and respected across the industry. Acquired over many years, this expertise translates into technical and sales support during the initial concept phase, then extends to full field trial evaluations, demonstrations and data recording during the development phase. We maintain a close working relationship with the APVMA and we work hard to navigate a smooth and timely path through Registration.

Only when this detailed, behind the scenes work is complete, can our sales team market our ‘field tested’ products with full confidence in regard to their quality and performance.


Through our subsidiary Macspred Ag Toll we specialise in the following formulation technologies;


  • Coated Granule Technology
  • WDG Technology (Water Dispersible Granules)
  • Pellet Technology (clay based herbicide pellets)
  • Powder Processing / Size Reduction / Blending Technology
  • Formulate / Fill / Pack Technology

We invite you to explore our website to see how Macspred Australia 'Specialty Agricultural Products' can assist as your link to business profitability.


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A non-volatile, easy to handle, measure and mix, water soluble product...

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SHARK Aquatic Herbicide

For the control of Cabomba caroliniana in non-flowing water bodies.

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